How to Choose the Best Online ACCA Course

Embarking on a career as a chartered certified accountant is an investment for the future but admittedly, it can be challenging.

Choosing the right tuition provider can make all the difference to your experience because a good, accredited provider will not only provide you with quality learning material but will create an environment that is conducive to interactive learning.

Instead of giving you a list of what we consider to be the best ACCA online courses, we will empower you to make that decision for yourself by providing the six criteria we believe all good tuition providers meet. 

If you stick to these criteria when you choose a learning partner, you will give yourself the best chance of having a positive learning experience. 

All the best!

Criteria for choosing an ACCA online tuition provider: (i) Accreditation and Recognition

Accreditation is the seal of approval received from professional bodies that confirms the course meets international educational standards. 

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants accredits the ACCA qualification and it is especially important to them that the tuition provider meets globally recognised standards of learning and practice.  

The ACCA awards learning providers (such as VIVA!) with one of three partner levels - namely silver, gold, and platinum, according to their compliance with ACCA standards. Accreditation assures students that ACCA has:

  • Verified the quality of the learning material
  • Identified the provider’s commitment to continually improving learning material
  • Ensured the learning methods used are diverse and employ the correct online learning methodologies.
  • Recognise the tutors are qualified to teach ACCA material

Furthermore, accreditation assures students that they can file a complaint with the ACCA if the tuition provider fails to comply with ACCA quality standards.

Employers prefer candidates who have studied with an ACCA-recognised partner because this assures them of the candidate’s competence. They know courses are more likely to be updated with the latest industry and professional information because they are endorsed by ACCA. This makes students who study with well-known tuition providers more marketable.

You can check an online tuition provider’s status on the ACCA website

(ii) Course content quality and variability

An online education system is different from traditional classroom learning in that it employs the latest technology to bring students a completely flexible and self-driven way of learning.  

The best online ACCA courses offer comprehensive coverage of all necessary topics, ensuring students are well-prepared for ACCA exams and professional challenges. They also provide diverse learning methods and opportunities to interact with the learning material.  

For instance, VIVA Financial Tuition provides students with:

  • On-demand video lectures
  • Live Webinars
  • Tutor Support
  • Best-in-class mock exams
  • Practice questions
  • An easy-to-use online learning platform
  • Tutor moderated support forums

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(iii) Expert tutors

Background in finance and accounting

A tuition provider should employ expert tutors with a strong background in finance and accounting. 

For example, lecturers or university professors who actively teach finance and accounting are a good match for ACCA. This level of achievement guarantees they can teach learning material and do so with the experience of someone who has worked in the industry and knows how to produce the outcomes desired of a CA.

The Advanced Performance Management, Financial Accounting,  Management Accounting, and Strategic Business Reporting exams rely heavily on producing outcomes in real-life scenarios. Expert tutors will give you the insight and the examples to prepare for this before your exam.  

Our advice is to take some time and ensure the learning provider has the expertise you need. The website should offer information about their tutors and their expertise. After all, expertise is the reason they’re in business, so if you can’t find any information about their faculty, it’s a red flag.

Ability to deliver material in an engaging and informative way

Effective online teaching requires more than just subject expertise; tutors must also excel in presenting content in a compelling and informative way. It's crucial for them to actively involve students in online discussions, fostering an interactive and immersive learning atmosphere. This engagement is particularly vital in a virtual classroom setting.

Watch a few of the provider’s Youtube videos and you’ll quickly know whether their approach suits your tastes. 

Availability of tutors

The accessibility of tutors for addressing queries, particularly during exam preparation, is crucial. Top-notch tutors are those who assist you in immersing yourself in the learning material and applying it contextually.

(iv) Flexibility and accessibility


Online courses should offer flexibility in terms of access to materials and deadlines, catering to the needs of working professionals and students who may have other commitments.

This is the major advantage of online courses over classroom courses.  


The platform should be user-friendly, accessible on multiple devices, and reliable, ensuring a smooth learning experience.

Most tuition providers will be keen for you to try their platform on a trial basis because this allows them to showcase the quality of their material and their tutors.  Take them up on this offer before you commit.

(v) Student support and resources

Look for courses that offer extra materials like revision kits, mock exams, and forums for discussion with peers, which can greatly enhance the learning experience.

VIVA Financial Tuition offers students live webinars on exam-related content, tutor-moderated support forums, and knowledge centres where students can read up on topics of interest. 

(vi) Good reputation and student reviews

Choosing a tuition provider with an excellent reputation and positive online reviews is important to ensure a quality learning experience. 

Good Reputation

A good reputation is a reflection of the provider’s commitment to excellence. It indicates they have consistently delivered high-quality education and support for their students.

Positive reviews

Positive reviews, on the other hand, offer first-hand insight from other students who have studied with a tuition provider. These reviews offer information about the practical aspects of the course, such as:

  • The effectiveness of the teaching methods
  • The expertise of the tutors
  • The relevance of the course material
  • The level of student support offered
  • The accuracy of the practice questions and mock exams

It is often a good idea to seek out reviews on third-party platforms such as Google Reviews or Trustpilot (view VIVA's Trustpilot reviews here, and discover why we are rated 4.9 out of 5 by accountancy students). Opting for a provider highly regarded by industry experts and peers alike can greatly increase your chance of success when you write your ACCA exam. 

Jumpstart your career today

By concentrating on accreditation, course quality, tutor expertise, and integrity and ratings of an online tuition provider, you will easily make the best choice. 

Take your time to consider the options available to you, and work with a learning partner that will support your studies long-term. Trustworthy providers are invested in your future and in creating excellence within the accounting industry, so don’t settle for anything less. 

VIVA Financial Tuition is setting new standards in ACCA tuition by combining premium tuition and groundbreaking value. Our goal is to streamline online delivery with a small core team of dedicated experts, and this has allowed us to scale premium tuition and pass on groundbreaking savings to the end user.

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