ACCA Forums - Finding Answers To Your Qualification Questions

In this article, we’ll talk about different platforms where you can connect with other ACCA students, optimise your learning experience and simplify your ACCA journey.

Studying for your ACCA exams can be challenging, especially for learners who are self-studying, working full or part-time, and those who are new in the field of accountancy. 

Aside from study materials and online tuition, ACCA students have found online forums to be a valuable resource. These discussion forums go beyond reading, watching, and listening. They give learners a platform to engage with each other.

In this article, we’ll talk about different avenues where you can connect with other ACCA students, optimise your learning experience and simplify your ACCA journey.

How Can ACCA Forums Help Students?

Discussion groups have always been a part of people’s virtual interaction, from chat rooms to social media sites. In particular, individuals join forums to talk about a certain subject with other like-minded learners. 

Students can find these benefits from online ACCA forums: 

  • Find answers fast: By tapping into the collective knowledge of the community, individuals can quickly address their queries, receive expert insights, and foster a supportive learning environment. Students can seek guidance and clarification on challenging accounting concepts, gaining insights from experts and peers.
  • Exam preparation: Members can seek assistance with complex accounting principles, exam preparation tips, career advice, and updates on regulatory changes.
  • Study resources: Forums often have dedicated sections where members share study notes, practice questions, and revision materials. Students can access a wide range of resources that supplement their official study materials, providing additional perspectives and examples.
  • Exam tips and strategies: Experienced members frequently share their exam-taking strategies, time management techniques, and approaches to tackling different question types. Such insights can help students refine their study plans and enhance their exam performance.
  • Updates and changes: ACCA syllabi and exam formats may change over time. Forums are excellent places to stay updated on such changes and receive information about the latest exam trends, allowing students to adapt their study plans accordingly.
  • Sense of community: A forum fosters a sense of community, allowing students to connect with others facing similar challenges, offering motivation, encouragement, and a platform for sharing experiences. Overall, the forum creates a supportive ecosystem that empowers ACCA students throughout their academic journey.

Top Online ACCA Forums

1. ACCA Website Study Group


The ACCA Study Group is part of the ACCA Learning Community section, where channels are sorted by topic. Learners with a myACCA account can log in, upload study resources, ask for advice, leave comments, and even search for study buddies near their location to help prepare for an ACCA exam.

Topics are further arranged by hashtags to guide discussions and organise posts in the channel. Although commenting and replying to a thread is limited to myACCA users, channel posts are shown publicly. 

2. ACCA in Reddit


Reddit’s ACCA subreddit is for registered users who want to discuss ACCA-related issues. There you can find support for members who pass or fail an exam, give advice on which route to take, and suggest study options for working or practicing individuals.

The community is moderated with subreddit rules and provides free resource links for those studying for the exams. Be cognisant of the fact that this is not an official ACCA platform, and so any advice or information shared here should be treated with the appropriate caution and scepticism.

3. ACCA in TheStudentRoom


The Student Room is the largest online student community in the UK. The ACCA thread helps students who are completing the course. They also have topics for career sectors and graduate employment for various career possibilities.

Here ACCA learners can find a wealth of information on the best study options, as well as work opportunities after ACCA certification. However, again, because there are thousands of students seeking and giving advice, users should always be discerning and check the date of the discussion thread to see if the information is up to date.

4. ACCA in

Website: is a leading platform in Ireland, with accountancy posts ranging from books for sale to Charter guidelines, important accounting links, and queries on ACCA modules. 

Registered users can post or comment in discussions or request answers. Posts are from the oldest to the newest and it can be time-consuming to scroll for relevant solutions or advice. Searching the forum can take time because of server timeout, perhaps due to the volume of posts, users, and threads. Again, it is important to maintain appropriate scepticism and discernment as you work through the information.

5. ACCA Topic in Quora


Quora, like Reddit, is another social website for questions and answers. By logging in to Quora and following the ACCA topic, you can add a question or comment, create a post, and browse previous queries to find answers to your ACCA questions.

Quora has a dynamic upvoting system that ensures that the most "reliable" or helpful information and advice tends to move to the top of the reponse stream for any given question.

There are other spaces and topics available in Quora for ACCA, but they have not been updated for quite some time, so it’s best to still consult with a reliable online tuition provider or ACCA itself for the latest on ACCA news and information.

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