CIMA SCS Results Day Guidance: Next Steps

VIVA Co-founder Hugo Newman talks you through the next steps on SCS results day - whether it's good news or bad!

Results day! Always an emotional rollercoaster.

IIf you passed, then a huge congratulations from the entire VIVA team! You may be turning your attentions to the PER. Read on below to find out where to start.

If you didn't quite make it, not to worry! There are solutions, and we can guide you through them below...

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Resitting the next window?

If you didn't make it this time, it's understandable that you might want to take a bit of time to deal with the disappointment. That's completely natural, and you should give yourself a day or so to absorb the result.

However, many successful CIMA students have revealed that one secret to their success was not allowing themselves to lose their momentum. As CIMA World Prizewinner and VIVA student Autumn Bressington told us in a recent interview, "It's not a fail, it's just a delayed pass... After the exam, if I did fail, I'd allow myself the rest of the day to sulk (laughs). And then I'd get back on the horse the very next day, and start working through areas where I thought maybe I'd been weaker".

In other words, the best way to think when you don't pass is: "I've already got a foundation in this subject. I have experience with the exam. I can now build on that, learn from my mistakes, and if I carry on instead of getting dejected, I have a much higher chance of passing next time!".

VIVA's online SCS courses for the next round of exams are now underway, and there's still plenty of time to join and get started.

We have different options available, depending on your needs. You can find your ideal course via the link below:

SCS Full Courses Feb23 - Info and Pricing

Professional Marking - the Difference Maker

For many VIVA students, our personalised Professional Marking Service has proved the "difference maker" in getting them that passing grade. Our seasoned CIMA markers give you tailored advice on what you're doing right, what you're doing wrong, and how you can improve.

In the words of Lewis Austin, "VIVA's thoroughly marked mocks enabled me to pass my SCS first time!"; and Godson Kumah, "I have passed my SCS using VIVA. I had failed 3 times with another tuition provider. The difference for me was their materials and expert feedback on the mock exams."

You can purchase marking services separately as an add-on to your existing course or membership:

Nov22 Professional Marking - 1 Mock Exam

Nov22 Professional Marking - 2 Mock Exams

Nov22 Professional Marking - 3 Mock Exams

Nov22 Professional Marking - 5 Mock Exams

Join the Elite - Prizewinning Personalised Tuition

If you've tried other courses and mock marking and still been struggling, then we have the course for you. Our exclusive Elite Course is still enrolling for the SCS Feb23 exams.

The Elite is VIVA's most personalised, high-intensity study program for students who are motivated to do whatever it takes to pass. Regular live workshops with a small cohort of other highly motivated CIMA students; regular 1-to-1 sessions with your CIMA tutor; professional mock marking and feedback on all mock exams; and access to a private tutor-led community discussion group.

You can reserve your place on the Elite course now via the link below:

SCS Elite Course - Info & Pricing

Passed? Turning to the PER (Practical Experience Requirements)

For those of you who have passed the SCS exam, it really is a huge milestone. But for many, there's that niggling final step lurking in the background - the dreaded PER! Some find this to be stumbling block, simply because they have put off researching what's involved until they actually pass their SCS exam. If that's you, then don't stress. There are plenty of free resources out there explaining what the PER is and what exactly you need to do. One useful resource is a series of articles by The CIMA Student blog, which you can find here.

Another obvious and important source is CIMA itself! Always best to hear it straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak, to ensure that you haven't missed out on anything. And this is especially important right now, as CIMA has recently announced some changes to the PER! So I strongly advise you to head over to CIMA's website to ensure you know what to do next. Here is the general page where CIMA breaks down what's involved in the PER in general. And then here is an important update page where they talk through some of the recent changes to the PER.

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