Best ACCA Books and Study Materials

In this article, we will outline some of the available printed study materials and the advantages of an online course.


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As an ACCA student, you will need to find good study resources. In fact, you would want to find the best-approved content provider available.

You will need materials that cover the entire syllabus but that also help you to prepare for your exams. This means having well written concept notes and a quality exam revision kit for each course with solutions explained in full.

In this article, we will outline some of the available printed study materials and the advantages of an online course. For the sake of brevity, let us focus on the ACCA resources available for the first two modules, ACCA Applied Knowledge and ACCA Applied Skills.

ACCA Qualification Structure

The ACCA Applied Knowledge module covers three exams, including Financial Accounting and Management Accounting.

The ACCA Applied Skills module, on the other hand, covers six exams, including Financial Management, Corporate and Business Law, and Taxation.

After completing the above course material, you will go on to prepare for the ACCA Strategic Professional module. This level consists of two compulsory subjects and two optional subjects.

Thus, it is good to know that you will have to prepare for and write a total of 13 exams in order to become an ACCA member.

Publishing Companies

The number of ACCA-approved publishers is limited. Here is a short list of some of the publishers and resources that can be found.


To start with, Kaplan is an ACCA-approved publisher. Note that there are paperback and electronic book formats, but PDFs are permitted.

For each of the subjects, you will find a Study Text as well as an Exam Kit. There are also optional pocket notes. The Study Texts cover concepts and theory. The Exam Kits cover practice questions and model answers for the exams.


For each course in the ACCA Applied Knowledge module, there is a study text at the price of £38.00 as well as an Exam Kit at the price of £22.00. This means that you can expect to pay a total of £180.00.

The prices for the ACCA Applied Skills module study materials are only slightly higher, but there are twice the number of subjects.

For the ACCA Strategic Professional module, the Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA) and Advanced Taxation (ATX-UK) essential packs alone will each cost you £74.00.

If you are interested in knowing how much this adds up to for all three levels, it basically comes to spending more than £800.00.


Another major ACCA-approved publisher is BPP Learning Media. BPP has been an ACCA Approved Content Provider for over 25 years. For each subject, you will find a Workbook as well as a Practice and Revision Kit.


As with Kaplan, for all hard copy study resources at the Applied Knowledge level, you can expect to pay a total of £180.00.

For the sake of comparison, note that the Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA) Essentials Bundle from the Strategic Professional module will cost £70.00.

Emile Woolf International

Another ACCA Qualifications content provider is Emile Woolf International.

Each Study Text is sold as a paperback or Kindle Edition through Amazon or through their official website. For each course of the Applied Knowledge module, the study text costs £30.00. Although a competitive price is offered, no exam kit, practice or revision kits are currently offered.

Where Else Can You Study Past Exam Papers? Study Online

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This brief review of the available ACCA study resources and revision kits has helped you understand what to expect. However, instead of ACCA books, should you rather sign up for an online course?

Many have found that online courses are a much more effective way to learn and pass the ACCA exams.

The clear advantage of online study material is that you can access what you need from any of your devices, anywhere, and at any time you are ready to study.

Study Online with VIVA Tuition

With VIVA, you get video lectures covering the entire syllabus as well as practice questions and mock debrief lessons. Instead of traditional ACCA books, you can download course notes that can later be used as revision kits.

The full series of premium courses will be launched in the course of this year. However, the Audit and Assurance course is available immediately, as well as Advanced Audit and Assurance. Other ACCA subject courses will become available throughout the remainder of 2023.

You can start preparing for your exams from as little as £99 per ACCA course as part of our Early Bird Discounts.


For those who prefer to purchase paperback editions of their ACCA books, there are some options to choose from.

However, the best study materials and revision kit you could have to practice and revise on the go for your ACCA exams is a well-rounded online course that covers all your study needs.

So, take advantage of the Early Bird Discounts for a limited time as the VIVA Tuition ACCA courses are launched through 2023.

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