ACCA Exam Day Essentials: A Checklist for ACCA Students

Here we provide you with a practical checklist to ensure you’ve got everything you need for the big day!

Hey there, future ACCA member! Remember those restless nights, those never-ending revision sessions, and the umpteen times you told your friends you're busy? Time to put that behind you. The big day is almost here, and we want to ensure you’re armed and ready to face the battlefield (okay, maybe not so dramatic, but it can feel like an epic challenge at times!). Below are 10 practical tips based on student experience and what we've seen work in our many years of guiding accountancy students to exam success...

1. Know your Venue

Before anything else, confirm the location of your exam center. It may seem obvious, but you'll be surprised at the number of students who misread or confuse their venues. Make a trip to the location a few days in advance, so you have an idea of how long it'll take to get there.

Quick Tip: Look up "[Your exam center] ACCA directions" on Google (or your preferred search engine) for precise location details, and save it for exam day.

2. Documents and Identification

  • Exam docket: Print it if you can. The night before, place it in your bag. This is your golden ticket to the examination room.
  • Photo ID: A valid driving license or passport will work. This is to ensure the person on the exam docket and the one sitting for the test is the same.

3. Stationery Arsenal

  • Black Ballpoint Pen: Take multiple just in case one runs out.
  • Pencil and eraser: Ideal for calculations and drafts.
  • Highlighter: Perfect for those crucial parts in scenario-based questions.
  • Calculator: Make sure it's an approved model! Also, familiarise yourself with it before the exam. No one wants to be fumbling around during crunch time.

4. Time Management

Remember the advice from your favorite ACCA tutor? "Time is gold". Plan out how much time you will spend per question. Perhaps use the first few minutes to read through the whole paper and earmark the ones you're most comfortable with.

5. Comfort is Key

Wear comfortable clothing. Exam rooms can be unpredictable – sometimes too cold or too warm. Layering is the secret. A comfortable tee with a light sweater or jacket that can easily be removed is a smart move.

6. Food and Hydration

  • Water: Stay hydrated. Carry a clear bottle of water with an unlabelled cap, as per ACCA guidelines.
  • Snack: A light snack for that energy boost. Think energy bars, nuts, or fruit.
  • Lunch: If you have papers in both the morning and afternoon, plan your lunch. Keep it light to avoid that post-lunch slump.

7. Mind and Body

A clear mind and a relaxed body are just as crucial as your preparation.

  • Meditation: Consider short meditation sessions or deep breathing exercises to calm pre-exam nerves.
  • Sleep: Aim for 7-8 hours the night before. Your brain needs rest to function at its best.

8. Plan for the Unexpected

  • Backup Alarm: Set more than one alarm. Perhaps even consider a backup device apart from your phone.
  • Transportation: Plan how you’ll get to the exam center. A backup plan is wise, in case plan A falls through.

9. Connect with Fellow Students

Remember the times when you discussed difficult topics with fellow ACCA students? Their insights were golden, weren’t they? Connect with them before the exam. A quick revision chat can boost confidence and highlight any last-minute areas to brush up on.

10. Post-exam Relaxation

Plan something fun or relaxing after the exam. This gives you something to look forward to, whether it's a movie, dinner with friends, or just a long nap!

Last Minute Tips:

  • Positivity: Enter the examination hall with a positive mindset. Believe in your preparation.
  • Scenario Questions: Remember the tutor's advice? Understand the requirements of the question thoroughly before answering.
  • Technical Articles: If possible, brush up on recent technical articles related to your paper. ACCA often provides insights that can be handy in the exam.

Wrap Up:

Every ACCA member will tell you that the journey, while challenging, is worth every ounce of effort. So, gear up, trust your preparation, and walk into that exam room with confidence. Remember, this is just one step towards your ACCA dream. And soon, you'll be the one giving advice to the next batch of ACCA aspirants!

Conclusion: Whether you're taking the ACCA exams for the first time or after a few attempts, this checklist ensures you're fully prepared for the big day. From documents to stationery, from mindset to comfort, we've got everything covered. So, gear up, trust your ACCA preparation, and best of luck!

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