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I have another question that is not answered here. How can I get in touch with VIVA?

If you're still confused, just drop us an email at, or use our live chat box (bottom right), and a member of the team will be happy to help.

Can I download the video lessons, or view them offline?

No, the video lessons can only be viewed online on VIVA’s website and may not be downloaded due to copyright restrictions.

What’s VIVA’s pass rate?

Due to GDPR restrictions, it is increasingly difficult to compile our students’ pass rates whether directly or via CIMA. However, VIVA has had consistently high pass rates over the years, and this is attested to by the fact that VIVA was awarded the prestigious Global Pass Rate Excellence Award in 2020 by CIMA itself.

Make sure to check out what students are saying about us here.

What if I don’t like the course? Is there some kind of money back guarantee?

Yes, if within 72 hours of purchasing you are not satisfied with VIVA’s course, you are entitled to claim an immediate refund - no questions asked.

If I fail my exam, will I still have access to the VIVA course?

That depends on the plan you purchase. If you purchase a single case study course, you will have access for the duration of the relevant exam window (i.e. until the final CIMA exam date for that window). If you purchase a single objective test course, you will have 6 months of access to the course from the date of purchase. If you purchase the All Access membership, you will have access to the course (and all courses) for 12 months from the date of purchase. And don’t worry: your subscription/access will not auto-renew. You will be automatically notified when your access is due to expire, but you get to decide whether or not you would like to renew.

How is this course so cheap? I see other tuition providers charging thousands for single courses.

VIVA was born entirely online, and since day one has maintained a small team of dedicated experts. This low cost-base has allowed for relatively high investment in a streamlined online learning platform and high-quality production values. This in turn has allowed us to scale our tuition rapidly, reaching thousands of students across the world.

Our low cost-base and scaled delivery affords us the luxury of being able to charge radically lower prices for premium-grade courses than traditional, brick-and-mortar tuition providers (or online providers with bloated administration and sales teams who target and service large institutional clients).

Does VIVA offer feedback/marking on students’ mock exam answers?

Yes. After you purchase a Case Study course or All Access membership with VIVA, you will be offered the chance to add marking services to your account. You will be able to purchase corrections for anywhere from 1 mock exam to 5 mock exams, and these can be used during any of the Case Study exam windows. Once you have 5 mock exams corrected (whether during one exam window or across several), you can repurchase corrections services as and when needed.

Case Study Elite course students have marking for 5 mock exams included as standard.