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P3 Objective Test

Risk Management: Equip yourself with tools to assess, manage, and mitigate business risks.

  • 29 hours of course content
  • 5 Mock Exams with Solutions
  • Applied theory sessions
  • ACCA exam debrief lectures
  • 100s of Practice Questions
  • 250 exam-grade questions
  • Specimen exam debriefs
  • 130 exam-grade questions
  • Award-winning training
  • Exam debrief lectures
  • Theory review lessons of key topics
  • Buy and start studying immediately
  • Mock exam debriefs

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Course Features & Benefits

Risk Management: Equip yourself with tools to assess, manage, and mitigate business risks.

On-demand Video Lectures

HD video lectures covering the entire syllabus delivered by expert tutors. Crisp audio and vivid examples, accessible from anywhere.

100s of Objective Questions

Engage with CIMA-grade exam questions in our Objective Test courses. Face tough questions, refine skills with 5 Mock Exams, and transform your study into training.

Best-in-class Mock Exams

Prepare with realistic exams designed by CIMA gurus for each window. Our online simulator offers real test conditions to practice with precision. Model answers included.

Full Syllabus Course Notes

Download detailed course notes on the complete syllabus. Crafted with clarity, these concise and clear guides are filled with real-world examples.

Unlimited Access

When you buy an individual standard course, you get access to that course forever. With any future syllabus updates automatically added.

24/7 Support

Contact our student support team any time if you have technical issues with your course or doubts about your access.

Structured Study Plan

VIVA's courses are structured in manageable unit by unit blocks. Your progress is saved automatically so you can resume where you stopped.

Latest Syllabus Updates

All our courses are updated to reflect the latest syllabi. Any updates to courses you have access to are incorporated free of charge.

True Subject Experts

VIVA only works with elite tutors from across the UK and Ireland - from university lectures to former Big 4 managers and company directors.

Exam Debrief Lectures

Your tutor walks you through every question from two ACCA SBR specimen exams and one mock exam, explaining how you should answer on exam day.

ACCA Specimen Exam Debriefs

Your tutor walks you through every question from the ACCA LW specimen exam, explaining how you should answer on exam day.

Mock Exam Debriefs

Your tutor walks you through every question from two ACCA TX mock exams, explaining how you should answer on exam day.

OT Theory Reviews

Handy on-demand review lessons covering the key topics from the E, F and P pillars.

Applied Theory

Our famous E/F/P Applied sessions identify the key theories from your OT studies, and model how to apply them in your answers on exam day.

Specimen Exam Debriefs

Your tutor walks you through every question from the ACCA AA specimen exam, explaining how you should answer on exam day.


  • Multi-award winning accountancy tuition - VIVA has won and been nominated for several prestigious awards since its founding, including the CIMA Global Pass Rate Excellence Award and the PQ Magazine Awards.
  • Accredited provider - VIVA is officially recoginsed by both ACCA and CIMA as an accredited tuition provider, meaning you're getting content and coverage that you can trust.
  • Groundbreaking value - born online, VIVA's unique scaled delivery model ensures you get direct access to the world's best tutors without being charged to cover bloated overheads as with traditional providers.
  • Student satisfaction - we prefer to let our students do the talking. Check out what they're saying about VIVA and why they rate us 4.9 out of 5 here.
  • Flexible payment and study plans - VIVA offers several study options, including individual courses, instalment plans and our famous All Access yearly subscriptions.

Your Tutor

Peter Woolley

Peter, a certified accountant with 8 years at a Big 4, shifted to education over 10 years ago. He's tutored in CIMA and ACCA and is an internationally published author of educational materials. He instructs VIVA's P3 and applies F3 theories to SCS.

Course Syllabus

P3 Objective Test covers risk management mastery: equip yourself with tools to assess, manage, and mitigate business risks..

Pre-course work

2 hours of tuition
Objective Test Success
P3 Overview Videos

Week 1

4.5 hours of tuition
Risk and Risk Exposure
Managing Risk

Week 2

4.5 hours of tuition
Strategy, Reputation and Risk
Governance Risk

Week 3

6 hours of tuition
Internal Control Systems
Risk Management and Internal Control
Internal Audit

Week 4

5 hours of tuition
Cybersecurity Threats
Cybersecurity Processes
Cybersecurity Tools, Techniques and Reporting

Week 5

7.5 hours of tuition
Mock Exam 1
Mock Exam 2
Mock Exam 3
Mock Exam 4
Mock Exam 5

Week 6

No items found.

Week 7

No items found.

Week 8

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P3 Objective Test

Standard Course

On-demand tuition to get yourself exam ready. Ideal for those who require a flexible learning schedule.

  • Full up-to-date syllabus coverage
  • On-demand video lectures
  • Applied theory sessions
  • Integrated exam scenarios
  • 100s of practice questions
  • Downloadable lesson notes
  • 250 exam-grade questions
  • Specimen exam debrief lectures
  • 130 exam-grade practice questions
  • Mock exam debrief lectures
  • New features coming soon (added free of charge)

All 12 Courses

CIMA All Access

12-month subscription to all 12 Standard Courses. Ideal for those planning to take 2+ exams over the next year.

  • All 12 CIMA standard courses
  • Full up-to-date syllabus coverage
  • 228 hours of on-demand video lectures
  • Integrated exam scenarios
  • 1,255 exam-grade practice questions
  • Downloadable lesson notes
  • New elements coming soon (added free of charge)
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I passed my OCS with a scaled score of 137 and got a letter from CIMA saying that I obtained the joint third position for the February 2019 case study and I believe that VIVA's materials really helped to make this possible.

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VIVA were absolutely key in my CIMA Case Study exam - where I received first position in the world! I felt extremely supported with VIVA throughout the course, and would recommend them to anybody. I just wish I had found them much earlier in my studies!

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I would highly recommend VIVA Financial Tuition to any CIMA student looking to achieve a high grade in their exams. Their courses offer remarkable value for money when compared to some of the traditional tuition providers. (World Prizewinner 2017)

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I want to thank VIVA for bringing to a successful end my study journey. I only wish I knew about VIVA earlier! Since using VIVA, I have passed my final exams.

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I have used VIVA for all three Case Studies, passing first time on all three. I could not have done it without VIVA's help! Hands down, the best resource out there for CIMA Case Studies.

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Before I signed up with VIVA's Elite course I was already enrolled with another tuition provider, and the way VIVA runs this course is 100x better! I will highly recommend you to my coworkers who are early in their CIMA journey.

Godson Kumah

I have passed my SCS using VIVA. I had failed 3 times with other tuition providers. The difference for me was expert feedback on the mock exams.

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