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No other CIMA tuition provider offers this much for one low price. Our unique All-Access Membership gives you complete freedom to use any and ALL of the professionally prepared CIMA study materials on VIVA's site, whenever and wherever you want.

Want an edge over other CIMA students? VIVA All-Access Members can tap into the world’s largest online bank of professionally prepared CIMA objective test questions, plus expert case study analysis for each new round of exams, including HD training videos, CIMA-condition mock exams and much more. Too good to be true? Start your free trial below to see for yourself!

Why Purchase an All-Access Membership?

  • Members can use ANY and ALL of the resources on our website whenever they want to, across all three CIMA qualification levels
  • Access includes over 100 hours of video lectures on objective test subjects by the world's leading CIMA subject experts
  • Membership includes access to the world’s largest bank of professionally prepared CIMA objective questions, for the ultimate exam prep
  • You get access to all case study materials (video lectures, mock exams, model answers etc) for each and every round over the course of a year
  • All of our materials are optimised for information recall and retention, thanks to our unique, scientific approach to learning
  • Take exam-condition mock exams whenever you like and opt for professional marking to get helpful feedback on your performance
  • Enjoy the convenience of our unique streamlined e-learning platform and access our content from your smartphone or tablet with ease


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