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If you run your own CIMA course, and you're looking for the highest quality case study resources, then VIVA is for you. We have rapidly built a reputation for expertise and quality. In our first year, we were officially awarded CIMA Global Learning Partner status. We can provide your academy with complete, ready-made case study packs, mock exams in an online CIMA simulator, annotated documents, HD videos, and much more. Whether you need the materials delivered to you in "white label" format, or are looking to grant your students access to our online materials, VIVA can provide exactly the solutions that you, your teaching staff and your students need.

To discover why we're the best value provider on the market, see our information below, or contact us directly to begin your partnership with VIVA Financial Tuition.

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'Thank you so much VIVA. Your quality Mock Exams with solutions will assist our CIMA students in learning and practice. It will help our trainer to assess our students' performance as well. This is a really good “grasp & feel” for students before their actual Case Study Examination.'

- Alan Ng Kam Cheong, Senior Lecturer, SAA Global Education
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We can deliver ready-made Preseen Case Study Packs directly to you and/or your students. Packs include: HD video lessons on the Preseen, applying insights from all three pillars; HD video analysis of the real-world industry; mock exams; financial ratios documents; and much more.

We take great pride in the authenticity of our mock exams. Each exam is weighted in accordance with official CIMA criteria and benchmarked against past exams. All of our mock exams are available in our online CIMA exam simulator.

We can grant your students access to our new online CIMA exam simulators. Each of our mock exams is available in the simulator format, so that your students can practice answering authentic mock exams under timed conditions.

We have quickly gained a reputation for offering expert tuition services at incredible value. Our unique model of streamlined delivery and in-house content creation ensures that all our materials meet the highest standards, at the lowest possible cost to the user. We pass that value on to our partners too.

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