Lifetime Pass Guarantees

At VIVA Financial Tuition, we’re so sure of the quality of our products, that we are willing to put a Lifetime Pass Guarantee on all our Full Case Study Packs. With the Lifetime Pass Guarantee, if you sit and fail to pass the relevant Case Study exam, we will grant you access to all of our future equivalent Case Study Packs (provided you sit each subsequent Case Study exam) for that level absolutely free! No other provider offers this kind of security with all their packs/courses.

To qualify for free access to the next round’s pack, you will need to provide a copy/scan of your official CIMA results for the previous Case Study only to To freely access each new Study Pack, you will be required to provide the same official proof that you have attempted and not passed the previous Case Study Exam.

Please note that the Lifetime Pass Guarantee is lost if you fail to attempt the next official Case Study exam, for whatever reason. This is to ensure that students are maximally motivated to get through their CIMA exams as quickly as possible.