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Tom Wathey, PRIZEWINNER: World Number 1, OCS August 2017

I would highly recommend VIVA Financial Tuition to any CIMA student looking to achieve a high grade in the case study exam. The videos, notes and mock exams, based on the pre-seen material, offer an excellent blend of accounting theory and industry-relevant content to guide you through the key topics to learn for the case study exam. VIVA Financial Tuition's kits offer remarkable value for money when compared to some of the more well-known tuition providers.

Andrew Sherwood, WORLD PRIZEWINNER, OCS February 2019 student

I found VIVA’s materials very informative and they really helped me break down the monumental task of analysing the pre-seen materials. The videos are concise but detailed so are very useful for last minute revision. I found the mock exams much tougher than past papers and even my actual exam, but I was pleased about this as it really got me thinking about the pre-seen materials. The wide range of topics covered in the mocks really highlighted any weak areas in my knowledge. I passed my OCS with a scaled score of 137 and got a letter from CIMA saying that I obtained the joint third position for the February 2019 case study and I believe that VIVA's materials really helped to make this possible.

Evita Astrid Veigas, SCS August 2019 student

I passed the SCS in the August 2019 window in my first attempt. I got a strong in integration, thanks to the well-written mocks from VIVA. They were the only mocks that focused on all pre-seen likely issues, giving me total value for money!

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